From All Sides

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Rock music with folk elements, some weirdness, and the ability to rip it wide open! Great melodies, slick harmonies and tight performance makes this band fun to watch. Drawing comparisons to artists such as Arcade Fire, Stone Temple Pilots, City & Color, Jeff Buckley, and even Guns & Roses, you can assume diversity is a key ingredient in the From All Sides sound.

Since the band's inception in 2009 they have been carefully crafting their songs and their sound into an ambitious three EP debut release. All three EPs will be released six months apart begining in June 2014 with "Kindred Souls & Complete Strangers" followed by "Estranged In Isolation" and finally "Resurgence of Clarity".

The band's rock infused indie folk adaptation of principle songwriter Dayne Michael's works lends itself nicely to those who are looking for something a little left of center, but enjoy a polished sound. The material on the three discs range from hard hitting rock to creepy and captivating, From All Sides is as much of a statement about the band's sound as the songs themselves.

In only their fouth live performance the band captured the crown at the 2011 Halifax Band Wars, then quickly dashed from sight to set their sights on finishing the recorded material. Now on the brink of releasing over four years of nurturing onto the world, the band has set its sights on building a long lasting relationship with their audience.

Jonathan Guy - Vox/Keys
Dayne Michael - Guitar/Vox
Rock Johnson - Guitar/Vox
Al Snyder - Bass/Vox
Jeremy Wilson - Drums